People are Pigs

People are Pigs

There is no other word to describe the disgusting slobs that are – us.

People are pigs. There is simply no nice way to say it. I’ll use my recent trip to an all inclusive resort in Mexico to illustrate my point.

My family and I travelled to Mexico for an 8 day all inclusive vacation. Before leaving we had been warned about what to expect as far as Mexico’s food standards. We knew that cleanliness would be an issue in local restaurants, as far as food handling went, but we were confident that a resort, whose business was tourism, would be more diligent about their food preparation. After all, if your guests were going home with food poisoning you wouldn’t be in business long.

Our resort offered a large buffet for the breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. There were also several restaurants featuring menus, available for the dinner meal. However, if you wanted breakfast or lunch you were limited to the buffet.

One lunch we arrived at the buffet and I had to answer the call of nature. The lavatory was busy and in the time it took me to lather, rinse and dry my hands four people had left the washroom without stopping at the sinks.

At the buffet, with plate in hand, I surveyed by choices. The bread and buns looked good but some lady was digging through the pile with her bare hand. Fruit was plentiful but another lady was juggling two plates while her five year old was groping the fruit with his hands. At the table with the vegetable dishes Grandma was poking in the bowls trying to determine what was in it while Grandpa stood right beside her scrubbing his nose with a tissue.

For the most part the buffet looked wonderful. The food was on ice or hot as was appropriate, everything certainly looked fresh and you could watch the chiefs behind the counters. The problems came from the guests themselves and their general lack of hygiene and manners.

The pools were popular, particularly the one with the swim up bar. We lounged in the shade there for close to an hour. At the bar were several people and it was obvious a few of them had been there for some time. In the time we sat there I watched them refill their glasses at least twice – yet they never once left to use the restroom. Hmmm. I know from experience that the more you drink the more frequent the trips to the washroom are. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Those that don’t drink themselves into an early bedtime tend to party late into the night. So it didn’t surprise me to hear my neighbors come banging in at close to three in the morning. What did surprise me was the girlfriend giving her boyfriend supreme @#$!!*& for peeing off the balcony of wherever they came from.

People are pigs everywhere – not just while on vacation in a resort with free food and all the alcohol you can drink. Just take a look under a table in some restaurant or fast food place. If it can be pulled out of or off of, the body and it is at all sticky it is probably stuck under that table. Have you seen people hawk and spit on the sidewalk or even blow their nose directly onto the sidewalk? Does it get more gross that that?

I could go on and on about smoking, spitting, tobacco, flatulence or even vocabulary but I think you get the idea.

People are pigs.

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ceegirl, posted this comment on Mar 1st, 2011

great share

AegriSomnia, posted this comment on Mar 1st, 2011

Loved it. Great share –and my sentiments exactly, in these cases.

pocketsofchange, posted this comment on Mar 1st, 2011

your title captured me right away!

John Paul V, posted this comment on Mar 1st, 2011

Great article!

Larry Fish, posted this comment on Mar 1st, 2011

Pam, all I can say is you are so right. People really are pigs.

Christine Ramsay, posted this comment on Mar 2nd, 2011

I agree with you. Some people’s habits leave a lot to be desired but you would never leave your home if you worried too much about the problem.

youthinksokiddo, posted this comment on Mar 6th, 2011

i think its mainly because they know they will not have to clean it up. if they were the ones picking gum off the tables, they would not be initiating such disgusting behavior

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